Welcome To NJ Royal Car & Limo Services

N.J Royal Car & Limo Service is providing its magnificent services in north jersey from many years, our professional and qualified chauffeurs know the best to take care of our honorable client’s transportation needs and provide them VIP protocol during travel. We have a large fleet of brand new vehicles equipped with latest accessories. If you need airport pick up/drop off, going for some business trip or aiming to travel with luxury and style to reach your prom or wedding party then N.J Royal is ultimate solution for it. You can count on us to deliver you safe and pleasant transportation with special discount rates for all special occasions.


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Format: 08/02/2015
Format: 11:33PM
You are going any where or coming from distant corner of the world for hassle free and pleasant trip check your Flight status before moving out.
N.J Royal suggest you, always schedule your pick up/drop off ride after confirming your flight plan for having stress free traveling
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